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Current Full-Time  Roles   |    Build Ecosystems you can contribute to

If Illumine Foundation’s larger purpose excites you and you are committed to make it a reality in the world, then we invite you to be associated with Illumine Foundation.

We seek to work with people from diverse backgrounds –social sciences, pure sciences, engineering & technology, business, media, NGO / CSR / foundation background, etc. – who can contribute to any of the missions based on their strengths and orientations. 

To apply for a full-time role, you can use the Application Tool, to help us understand you better.  In case of any queries, you can email us.

Current Full-Time Roles

You will be an integrated part of the Illumine Foundation Team working towards the goals of the Contributor Initiative. Currently states in focus are Odisha & Gujarat.

Delivery & Operations Owner   
State Implementation Owner   
Technology Product Manager
Content Architect
Our team philosophy:

We are not looking to build a large monolithic, hierarchical team of 300 people, but build a small, tight-knit group of powerful Contributors.

  • We believe that each person in the team can expand themselves to take on larger responsibilities over time & work across initiatives.
  • Every team member is seen as a Role Owner (who can take full ownership of a space) or a Future Builder – who can grow into any one of the role spaces over time.
  • Each member, is responsible for whole outcomes that contribute to making the overall outcomes of the larger mission happen. 


We operate from a hub & spoke model, where the core team works with an extensive ecosystem of partners – Expert partners, specialized pools e.g. pool of coaches or trainers, Build partners e.g. as part of our gig ecosystem: for specific specialists deliverables such as creative/ media products, websites & apps, etc. This enables us to expand capacity as per requirements of the initiative.

You may apply to be a part of any of these specialist ecosystems, and work with us on a freelance deliverable basis or project-basis.



Creative Media Specialists, Visualizers & Illustrators

Technology Developers

Researchers: Primary & Secondary

Facilitators & Coaches

Writers & Editors

Apply to be an ecosystem partner, by writing to with the following –

  1. Your Resume
  2. A short write-up about yourself: highlighting your strengths and capacity to deliver effectively in any one of the above spaces
  3. Work Samples or Portfolio