About the Foundation

About the Foundation

Illumine Foundation has been set up by Illumine Knowledge Resources Pvt. Ltd. 

Illumine Knowledge Resources is a research and consulting firm. We have focused on bringing about change in thinking, mindsets, values, ideals, motives for working differently at work, etc. for the last two decades. 

Working with large companies across multiple projects has given us tremendous experience in the area of scaling, development of training, using digital resources effectively as support, etc. 

Simultaneously with our work with corporates a unique feature has been our work with not-for-profit initiatives despite been a for-profit organization. 

Some of the initiatives have included working with DESH Foundation on AIDS prevention, working with the Home of Service Ramakrishna Mission, Varanasi on educating rural women on health, self-esteem program for slum children, teacher motivation for Government school teachers in Thane district, etc.

Two large scale initiatives of note include:
  1. We have developed a values program for standards 7th, 8th and 9th (16 hours in each year). Illumine designed and developed the entire program and collaborated with Ramakrishna Mission Delhi to deliver it to more than 1 million children annually across 5000 schools in the country free of cost.
  2. Creating future ready contributors from our universities. In this area, it is interesting that the very first project we took up was funded by the Adani Group in 2012. This was done with Gujarat Technical University.

    As the results showed thereafter, not only did we execute it successfully but we also continued the initiative for seven years thereafter at our own cost. The initiative has now become a role model initiative in the university sector.

    AICTE evaluated the Program run at GTU and have since endorsed it with the pre-condition that the Initiative be a multi-stakeholder initiative anchored by a not-for profit organization. 

Thus, the Illumine Foundation was born. Through the Foundation we drive not-for-profit, nation-wide, multi-stakeholder initiatives which seek to bring deep & sustainable impact across the country.

Philosophical Foundations

Our work is built on the foundations of Practical Vedanta as enunciated by Swami Vivekananda.

When any group of individuals assimilate these ideas three things happen:

One, they develop inner esteem or Atmashraddha which translates into faith in their own potential and a willingness to do what it takes to translate this potential into reality.

Two, they build a new set of capabilities, practices and methods associated with sustainable, long-term transformation and evolution of both the individual and the collective.

And three, they come face-to-face with their responsibilities and potential contributions (individual and collective) not only to themselves but to the larger ecosystem – family, community, society, etc. in which they live.