How we work

How we work

Illumine Foundation was started by Illumine Lab in early 2019 to scale solution models built over two decades of work. The Foundation works on bringing about positive change through large-scale missions impacting diverse user & community groups across the country and the world.

Any mission being taken out by the Foundation goes through 2 key phases:

Phase 1: Breakthrough solution model design by Illumine Lab

In this phase, Illumine designs breakthrough solution models to address complex societal challenges. These models are rigorously tested for their effectiveness.

This solution model is then embedded into a testbed intervention (usually covering upto hundreds / thousands of people). In this stage, several components needed to enable the community to sustainably adopt the solution are designed and evolved.

Phase 2: Illumine Foundation develops them into nation-wide impact missions
Once the test bed intervention is proven to be working and successful, it is ready to become a full-scale impact intervention, taken out by Illumine Foundation in the 2nd phase.

Current Missions

Illumine Foundation is currently working on two large-scale missions and has an array of solution models that have the potential to be scaled in the future. 

Contributor Initiative
Building a workforce of Contributors to the nation.  
Human Possibilities Initiative
Enabling children to awaken to their infinite potential & infinite possibilities.     

Future Possibilities

Illumine has built solution models for different classes of challenges. We believe these solution models have the potential to be further developed into test-bed interventions and scaled into full-blown missions in the next 5 years.

Lamplighter Initiative
A solution model to enable school teachers sustain motivation over time and unleash their ability to contribute to the lives of their students.
Identity-based change
Enabling individuals / communities to build enabling identities and intrinsic self-esteem / inner strength.     
Capacity to Respond 
Enabling individuals / communities to change their patterns of response when dealing with specific challenges / people