Role:Technology Product Manager

ROLE: Technology Product Manager


You build technologies a little differently. So do we. You don’t see technology as a mere access tool, but as a mechanism to help people evolve and create a positive impact in their lives.

The Company

Illumine, has over 22 years, created frameworks and models for enabling an in-depth understanding of knowledge at scale. We have done this through addressing questions across a wide range of human contexts and learning/human change solutions.

We are currently building augmentation platforms aimed towards amplifying human potential, enhancing knowledge based interactions and engagements across diverse contexts such as education, businesses, career, public sector enterprises & social communities. These platforms have their roots in over two decades of research and test-bed experiments carried out by us in different contexts. The technology that powers these platforms, we call it Cognitive Intelligence & Cognitive Augmentation Technology.

Some examples of these technologies are – Career Enablement tools to help students discover new career possibilities; Counseling tools to support selling of complex products; Work tools to help employees discover meaning and purpose; Practice tools to enable a community of practitioners change their habits; and more…

The Opportunity

You can be part of the core team working on the continuously evolving augmentation platforms and services and taking them to the vast markets.

You can also potentially lead the platform to spin-off into an independent business to disrupt the space of education, careers, work tools and other markets. This is a unique career opportunity for technologists to build large business engines that can impact millions of people.

The Role Overview

Your key role in the team is to make technology happen! We expect you to take full ownership for driving all the technology-related engagements for each of the platforms currently being developed. This includes end-to-end responsibility for ensuring technology design and development, beta-testing & scalable deployment. You will play a crucial role in ensuring that optimum, low-cost and appropriate technology is leveraged for each solution.

Over the next two years, you will have the freedom to widen your contribution by – enhancing the organization’s capacity to rapidly deliver and execute high-quality technology solutions and services to a large number of users.

The Ideal candidate

You will fit in this role if –

  1. You have the ability to break the entire build process into milestones and plan the complete execution in rapid build sprints.
  2. You can drive the delivery of each milestone – foresee potential flashpoints, identify risks and actively mitigate them, de-bottleneck the process of development and so on.
  3. You can convert our solutions into extremely rigorous and detailed specifications for the development team.
  4. You can work collaboratively with all stakeholders and provide on-going visibility and set appropriate expectations – especially for the client-facing teams.
  5. You can rapidly learn and bring to the table the knowledge of latest technology products and emerging digital possibilities to make the outcome a reality.
  6. You have an open mind and a deep grasping capacity to appreciate our core vision and outcome underlying each of the platforms.
Role Pre-Requisites
  1. Your qualification will be – B.Tech and MBA (will be ideal).
  2. Least 3-4 years of product management experience, preferably in consumer-tech or edu-tech.
  3. Strong conceptual foundation in digital technology. Some skill and experience in software development will be of advantage.
  4. Fair level of familiarity and exposure to tech-stacks like MERN, Kubernetes on cloud, Firebase – will be of great value.

Interested? Apply through a discovery tool

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