Role: State Implementation Owner

ROLE: State Implementation Owner

Making the Contributor Mission a reality in an entire Public State University


The opportunity

As a State Implementation Owner with Illumine Foundation, you will be part of the core team anchoring the delivery and implementation of the Contributor Initiative.

Your inspiration, drive and energy to make-it-happen, will:

  • Transform the lives of millions of technical graduate students across India who will enter the workplace as ‘Contributors’, not merely skilled workers;
  • Mobilize thousands of college faculty members, university stakeholders and training & placement officers & invoking their wider aspirations of enabling their students to have fulfilling lives & careers, beyond marks & jobs;
  • Strengthen the existing public university system across India, by unleashing its power to build change-makers & nation-builders of tomorrow.
What is expected of you

The success of such initiatives is largely dependent on full ownership, buy-in and acceptance of all its stakeholders – especially the colleges. Also, despite the best of intentions and several knowledge enablers provided – every college may have its unique needs and localized challenges that may hinder adoption and implementation on the ground.

You are expected to take on this ‘last-mile’ responsibility on behalf of the team to ensure smooth, timely and effective implementation and delivery of the initiative across an entire State/s. 

This means being the personal interface between the core initiative team and the stakeholders within the State Universities.

Currently, we are looking for owners to drive implementation in two States, Orissa & Gujarat where the initiative has already kick-started. As an owner, we expect a commitment of least 3 years (which is duration of intervention for the first batch). 

Contribution or outcomes you can make happen in this role
  • Enabling acceptance & widespread adoption of the contributor initiative across all colleges under the state university (in letter & spirit)
  • Ensuring data & insights from the ground reach the central Foundation team.
  • Relationship management & trust-building on the ground with all university stakeholders
  • Responsiveness to the said & unsaid needs of the community (institution leaders, faculty, TPOs, students, etc.
  • Proactive Community Engagement and Support
The Ideal candidate

We are looking for someone with an evangelization as well as an actualization orientation – who can deeply appreciate the magnitude and importance of the mission, genuinely desires to serve the community, can inspire others & transmit energy to drive action. 

Some other core competencies that are needed to succeed in this role:  

  • Confidence in engagement & good facilitation as well communication skills. Proficiency in English & Hindi – both written and spoken is a must.
  • Experience of least 5 years, in driving implementation of any educational or social program/ project/ initiative on the ground
  • Competence and experience in conducting & driving primary field research & data collection, impact assessment studies on-the-ground, training of delivery agents will be of advantage.
  • Strong, dynamic and affable personality to be able to handle crucial engagements & be the face of the initiative
  • Ability & willingness to appreciate and go deeper into some of the core ideas and knowledge underlying the work and see it as ‘real’ & ‘livable’ in one’s own life. This is helpful to be able to hold on to the larger vision, in the midst of action and challenges on the ground.
  • Comfort with the local culture & language of the State Someone who is native of the state or with proficiency or comfort in conversing in the local language of the State (currently Oriya & Gujarati) will be given a preference.

However, if you deeply believe in the mission, wish to contribute to it, and are confident that you can rapidly learn and deliver to the outcomes of the role, feel free to convince us why, irrespective of your background. 

Interested? Apply Now

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