Role: Operations & Delivery Owner

ROLE: Operations & Delivery Owner

Anchoring the entire delivery & implementation of the Contributor Initiative across the country


The opportunity

As a Delivery & Operations Owner with Illumine Foundation, you will be the core anchor for the build and delivery of a large-scale educational initiative – the “Contributor Initiative for Public Universities” that aims to provide systematic and deep inner & career enablement to millions of college students across several large public technical universities throughout India.

Your inspiration, drive and energy to make-it-happen, will:

  • Transform the lives of millions of technical graduate students across India who will enter the workplace as ‘Contributors’, not merely skilled workers;
  • Mobilize thousands of college faculty members, university stakeholders and training & placement officers & invoking their wider aspirations of enabling their students to have fulfilling lives & careers, beyond marks & jobs;
  • Strengthen the existing public university system across India, by unleashing its power to build change-makers & nation-builders of tomorrow.
What is expected of you

As an Operations & Delivery Owner, you play the strategic role in mobilizing the entire ecosystem of invested stakeholders (build and development teams, ecosystem of master trainers, all university stakeholders, strategic and advisory partners, corporate CSR funders) towards the Contributor Mission.

You are expected to master-mind and strategize the delivery of the all components of the Contributor Initiative in the public university and work ecosystem across India over the next 5 years.

Contribution or outcomes you can make happen in this role
  • Effective and continuously improving quality of delivery through various mechanism such as enabling audits, analytics-based precision improvement and support and creating timely and appropriate measures & mechanisms to strengthen capacity in all delivery agents on the ground.
  • Continuous evolution of the various build components of the contributor intervention towards improved assimilation & impact outcomes. This may include creating a range of mechanisms for direct inputs from the ground that can feed into improvements & innovations in the design and build to improve impact outcomes.
  • Build, manage, enable the various Foundation teams/ groups towards the intervention delivery goals.
  • Ensure smooth & timely flow of funds from the funder in line with schedules
  • Ensuring systematic development of faculty & TPOs across all university colleges as well as their continuous engagement and motivation towards driving outcomes
  • Playing the role of the convener of the governance committee To govern each multi-stakeholder initiative in a State, a body comprising of the corporate partner/ funder, Illumine Foundation, and the university will be formed. You will be the convener of this body and ensure smooth functioning to the satisfaction of all stakeholders
The Ideal candidate

We are looking for a people-enablement centered person with a change-maker aspiration. 

We want someone who can leverage their strengths and experience  in managing operations & delivery on large-scale; and their competencies in leadership and strategic roles towards the service of a nation-building outcome.

If you align and vibe with the Contributor Mission & desire to make it a reality on the ground; navigating and finding your way through any challenges that come along the way –  you are likely to succeed in this role.

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