Role: Content Architect

ROLE: Content Architect 

Architecting rich & engaging learning experiences in the form of human-centered content products


The opportunity

As a Content Architect in Illumine Foundation, you will get the opportunity to work on enabling deep human learning, strengthening human capability, thinking, self-growth in the lives of millions of college graduates, by architecting the next-generation of content products.

These human-centered content products are built on principles of assimilation of knowledge. They allow the end-users go beyond ‘understanding concepts or ideas’ to helping them ‘accept & digest’ new ideas, ways of thinking, visions of seeing themselves and the world, to create positive change in their lives .

What is expected of you

In this role you are expected to take end-to-end ownership for the integration & build of a wide range of such digital & physical human-centered content products (such as vivid textbooks, discovery-based classroom tools, digital micro-courses, test questions & exam papers, teacher support resources) and ensure that they are delivered to the users.

This primarily involves:

  • Translating the core knowledge models & learning architectures defined (by Illumine Lab practitioners) into engaging learning experiences that bring the ideas alive and connect to users in their context.
  • Pilot testing in rapid prototyping cycles to evolve the product at each stage to ensure it works for the user and for the context on the ground.
  • Building & nurturing an ecosystem of content, media & creative specialists who can build various components that you integrate into whole products.
Contribution or outcomes you can make happen in this role
  • Ensuring consistent delivery to intervention timelines and curriculum schedules
  • Ensuring integrity of every product to original vision & architectures for effective assimilation outcomes
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of products in terms of better accessibility, richness of experience, relevance to life for better user outcomes
  • Creation of sustainable production capacity within the team – by creating standards, best-practices, templates & specifications for enabling other team members as well as ecosystem partners.
The Ideal candidate

You are likely to succeed in this role, if you are –

  • a good storyteller i.e. have great narrative ability,
  • have a strong ability to structure knowledge & visualize learning experiences,
  • have the capacity to plunge deep into ideas (especially human ideas)
  • are able to synthesize and integrate multiple components into wholes.

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